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BioWare describes making of Dragon Age 2 in new video


Gamespot has posted a brand new video about the making of Dragon Age 2, and there are some nice tidbits in there for those seeking more information about the sequel to BioWare's fantasy RPG. The game's devs talk about how they began with the art style, putting together an animatic first that showed off what they wanted the look and feel of the game to be. Dragon Age: Origins had the Grey Wardens providing a strange sort of justice, but Dragon Age 2 is a little dirtier, with werewolves licking blood and heads getting smashed in.

It's also "more personal," according to the developers. Rather than DAO's create-a-character templates, BioWare wants to customize Hawke's story by showing how he affects people, so treating someone one way early in the story will have an effect on how they act later on, creating what the company hopes is its "most reactive game to date." You can watch the whole video after the break.

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