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Bleszinski sounds off on Bulletstorm's Whedon-esque inspirations, cactus murder

Epic Games design director and Gears of War guru Cliff Bleszinski was recently cornered by PlayStation Blog to chat about the studio's upcoming, over-the-top shooter, Bulletstorm, co-developed by People Can Fly. The outspoken designer shares more than a few interesting pieces of insight into the foul-mouthed title, such as the game drawing creative inspiration from Joss Whedon's short-lived "pulp sci-fi" series, Firefly. Bleszinski also drops a few more details about the game's Horde-inspired co-op mode, Anarchy, which sounds appropriately insane.

Additionally, Bleszinski describes his favorite kill (from the game) -- but we're not sure we can contextualize it in a way that you could understand. Just know that a cactus is involved.

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