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Infinity Blade for iOS now available in NZ App Store, coming to US soon


Epic Games' Infinity Blade, a graphically rich role playing game for iOS, is currently available in the New Zealand App Store and will presumably be coming to the US and other countries' stores later today. Infinity Blade is a universal app that will run on 'current + 1 older' generation iDevices, meaning the iPod touch 3rd/4th Gen, the iPhone 3GS + iPhone 4, and the iPad.

The game costs NZ$8.29 in the New Zealand App Store, which means that it should cost US$5.99 when it comes out on the US App Store. That's a very fair price than we'd expected for a game that looks this good, and the fact that it's a universal app (no "HD" version for the iPad) is even better. Infinity Blade also comes with Game Center integration, and Epic Games has promised to deliver more levels, more enemies, more items, and multiplayer in a future update.

We reviewed Epic Games' Epic Citadel preview title for iOS a few months back, and it displayed some of the most stunning graphics ever seen on the iPhone. While walking through the world presented in Epic Citadel, I could hardly believe my phone was capable of pushing graphics that complex. Epic Citadel was really just a proof of concept, though, a sort of playable/walkable demo of things to come from Epic Games. As the culmination of that proof of concept, Infinity Blade looks like it has the potential to be a smash hit on the iOS platform.

We'll have a review of the game up later on tonight.

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