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iTunes adds international promo codes, push notification security upgraded


A couple of big changes occurred today in the iOS ecosystem. First, application promo codes may now be used internationally instead of being limited to US store customers only. Second, the push notification system has been upgraded to use more secure 2048-bit TLS/SSL certificates.

International promo code distribution will greatly help those developers whose products are meant primarily for use outside the United States. This particularly affects applications where English is not the primary language for use or US customers are not the central audience. Now, developers can send review codes to local newspapers, magazines and blogs without having to request that those outlets create US iTunes accounts.

The push notification system's upgraded security requires that you download an updated server certificate. Apple recommends that you test and validate your communication channels so that your deployed applications will not experience service outages.

Further information about both developments is available on Apple's iTunes Connect and developer sites. Developers can use their dev credentials to log in.

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