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Pioneer's Discussion Table is the Surface competitor your business can't live without (video)

Tim Stevens

We'd all like our tables to be a little smarter, and anyone who works for a company would surely like their meetings to have a bit more intelligence, too. Pioneer is hoping to kill two birds with one rather sizeable piece of furniture: the Discussion Table, due sometime next year. Interestingly it's simply a Core i7-based PC running Windows Embedded Standard 7, with minimal custom coding on top of that. Users can bring their mobile PCs nearby and share documents to the table or remote desktop right into their machines from it, showing their docs and displays in scalable and rotatable windows. The Windows underpinnings handles the multitouch details, also offering what must surely be the biggest virtual keyboard ever seen in the wild. The Table has a single-sheet scanner built in the side and even offers TransferJet, so that everyone can download pictures of Boss's drunken holiday party antics wirelessly.

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