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Rescue minotaurs from the sun on iPhone/iPad with Jeff Minter


Jeff Minter has revealed another psychedelic, ungulate-themed shooter, this time for iPhone and iPad -- and it's not the iPhone game Minter showed off last year. Solar Minotaur Rescue Frenzy is an Atari 2600-looking take on Asteroids, in which your swipe-controlled, auto-firing ship must break apart space rocks to find the minotaurs within, and then rescue said minotaurs before they fall into the sun. Allowing too many asteroids to hit the sun turns it into a black hole.

One variant removes that sun, while others, called "Tanks!" and "Jets!" provide competitive vehicle combat (like Atari's Combat) with minotaur rescuing elements. Minter hopes to have the game on the App Store in early 2011. If retro-inspired shooting interests you (and it does, since you're now at the end of a post that started with the words "Jeff Minter") check out the video interview between Minter and Retro Gamer's Darran Jones, featuring lots of gameplay footage and minotaurs.

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