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Rumor: Kratos in Mortal Kombat, exclusively on PS3


It seems that the constantly furious Kratos of God of War fame could be appearing exclusively on the PlayStation 3 version of this February's Mortal Kombat. Fighting game site Shoryuken claims the January issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine will detail as much, though copies of the magazine have yet to arrive in readers' hands.

The Grecian rage machine will purportedly not appear in the game's story mode, but will rip apart characters in versus. Also, if the rumor is true, we're putting this out there right now: fatality featuring a stampeding Pegasus. Just sayin'! Anyway, between the issue's impending release and the nearing VGAs, we hope to hear more on Kratos' cameo soon. Who's next? Link in the Wii version -- oh, wait a minute ...

[Thanks, Adam]

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