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The Spire is a Portal-esque indie FPS, with a gravity 'tool'


The Spire appears to feature the polished aesthetics of Portal and a tool reminiscent of the gravity gun from Half-Life 2. But it's no Valve effort -- it's an Unreal Engine-powered game from indie studio Raw Games. Set in a high-tech underground facility beneath Antarctica, The Spire is described by its creators as an "immersive first-person, survival, mystery, action-adventure game." That's a lot of adjectives to live up to!

Just like in Portal, you awaken in a facility, with seemingly no memories of your own. As your progress, you'll uncover a conspiracy that "threatens the very future of mankind." Thankfully, you have the ability to push and pull objects and enemies, eventually acquiring advanced powers that let you combine and rip apart objects. The Spire may look and sound familiar, but we're intrigued to see if its indie developers can take the concept in new directions.

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