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Ben & Jerry's stores in Singapore giving away free iPhone cases


Popular ice cream chain Ben & Jerry's is giving away a set of pretty awesome iPhone cases -- but only in Singapore. Customers in that country will be able to trade in four carton tops to stores there and pick up one of 5,000 completely free iPhone covers. You can see what the covers look like above -- there are twelve shops involved in the promotion, and each one of those shops also has one limited edition cover each to give away to an extra lucky customer.

As for why this is only available in Singapore, you can probably guess -- Ben & Jerry's could probably use the exposure there, and of course, the iPhone is hotter than ever in Asian markets at the moment. A similar promotion here in the US would cost a lot more and be a lot more trouble to carry out. But that is a nice-looking case. Hopefully we'll see someone give away some nice cases here in the West as well.

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