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City of Heroes gearing up for winter festivities

Eliot Lefebvre

The holidays are anything but a time to relax in City of Heroes, as pretty much every holiday has one villain or another seeking to unleash some diabolical scheme. That means that characters have to race into action to stop it, all while enjoying special badges, prizes, and limited-time events. This year's winter holiday season promises to be no different, as the beginning and ending times for the Winter Event 2010 have just been announced by the Paragon Studios team.

Running from December 17th to January 2nd, the event promises to feature all of the attractions of the prior year while adding a few new wrinkles. Aside from the obvious transport of the holiday to Praetoria (totalitarian police states like Christmas too), players will be tasked with stopping the nefarious plot of Lady Winter following Lord Winter's defeat last year. City of Heroes players have a fair idea of what to expect from the winter event, but that doesn't mean it's any less fun to log in and start throwing snowballs for justice.

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