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Guitar made out of an NES sounds like it's made out of an NES


What to get for the Nintendo fan in your life who already has everything? How about this guitar made out of a Nintendo Entertainment System? hacked a working electric guitar together from the body of an NES, and as you can tell from the YouTube video after the break, it sounds ... ok?

So it's not great, but then again it's basically a box made out of plastic. The guitar is being sold for $150 on GetLoFi's web shop, and because it's custom made (the neck is a reused oak guitar neck), they've only got one for sale, but they seem game to make more if the demand is there. The NES itself has been hollowed out for all the other electronics, so if you want to play your favorite NES games while strumming their tunes, you'll need your own console for that.

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