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Indie advent calendar releases Bit. Trip Flux teaser image


A teaser image for Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip Flux appeared in Mission in Snowdriftland, the online advent calendar game created by Extra Toxic and originally used for Nintendo -- operating sans-Nintendo this year in an "Indie Games Edition." Each door that opens leads to a platformer level, and unlockable downloads for a certain indie game. This was the Bit. Trip image. As usual, we have no idea how to interpret it.

In addition, Aussie-Nintendo posted some icon images of characters, like Commandgirl Video, Junior Melchkin, and even Meat Boy, all of whom appeared as powerups in Bit. Trip Fate. It also posted icons representing the previous games -- which could be interesting considering the line in the first Flux teaser that "all is in flux." Could "all" mean "all" the gameplay styles in the series?

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