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Lots of big iOS releases today: Dungeon Hunter 2, Eternal Legacy, more


Ah, the holidays. December brings snow, hot chocolate, lights and mistletoe, and oh yeah -- lots and lots (and lots) of App Store releases. You may have already heard about (and bought) the great Infinity Blade, which has quickly moved into the running for iOS game of the year. But there were a ton of other high profile releases on the App Store today as well:

  • Gameloft released Eternal Legacy (US$6.99), a Final Fantasy-style RPG with a nice long storyline and an excellent battle system.
  • The long-awaited Dungeon Hunter 2 also arrived on the App Store for $6.99. This sequel to the terrific hack-and-slash title updates the game world and even provides multiplayer via Game Center integration.
  • Gameevil released Illusia for $4.99, another great casual action RPG.
  • Puzzle Quest 2 has finally arrived in a universal build for $9.99.
  • EA has released Monopoly for iPad (also $9.99), featuring multiplayer play on the one surface, a teaching mode, and enhanced HD graphics.
  • Natural Motion, the company that built their own physics engine for the iPhone, has released a version of Jenga that's $4.99 on the iPad and $2.99 for the iPhone. It's pretty impressive.
  • And Namco has dropped Bit.Trip Beat Blitz, a free version of the popular Bit Trip game. This version doesn't have all of the levels, but it does have powerups, which offer a new twist on the gameplay.

Whew! That's a lot of incredible new games. I doubt we're anywhere near done for the holidays, either -- I'm sure we'll see another flood of big releases next week as developers rush to get their big holiday titles out in time for Apple's annual holiday lockdown and the big Christmas bump.

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