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'Night of the Sacrifice' horror game features mysterious Balance Board function


Ikenie no Yoru, or "Night of the Sacrifice," is a newly announced Wii horror game from Marvelous Interactive, and it's just as mysterious as the possibly-haunted mansion in which it's set. This is partly because so little has been revealed: All we have to go on is a translation of a Famitsu magazine article about the game and an accompanying trailer, also from Famitsu -- but even the trailer raises more questions.

The clip shows semi-realistic characters interacting with silhouetted, stylized Feel the Magic-esque characters. Additionally, the Famitsu article reveals that Night of the Sacrifice will somehow integrate the Balance Board, the creepiest of all Wii peripherals. How exactly will that work?

We have a lot to learn before the game's March 24 release in Japan.

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