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Telltale reveals a familiar foe for Back to the Future adventure games

Marty McFly's eternal nemesis, Biff Tannen, will indeed rear his ugly, manure-covered head in the five-part Back to the Future: The Game series, as revealed by an update to the game's official site. Tannen, who's voiced by part-time electro-rock musician and part-time voice actor Kid Beyond (best name ever?), will play lead antagonist to Marty and Co. during their adventures. For a better idea of his role, check out the official site's recently added, slightly spoilery guide to the series' five episodes.

Wait, did we say "lead antagonist?" No, that's not right -- we imagine the real foe in Telltale's adaptation is, as ever, the very real threat that Marty will create a time paradox, sundering our reality into infinite, unsustainable sub-realities, jettisoning our very existence into the realm of oblivion. Compared to that, some jumpsuit-wearing thug isn't all that intimidating.

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