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DC Universe Online shows off more iconic armor sets

With all the evil pervading Gotham, Batman has his hands full to say the least. Thankfully, that's where you can come in, if you're willing! DC Universe Online players who are willing to help Batman out have the chance to earn a set of super-sweet, high-tech Batman armor for themselves! Of course, if heroism isn't your thing, The Joker has a crazy suit of his own, perfect for those of a more darkly twisted playstyle. If you haven't been able to get into beta to check these suits of armor out in person, SOE has you covered.

The newest video in the DC Universe Online preview series offers a look at these two iconic armor sets, just perfect for those who grew up reading about Batman. Batman's Dark Spectre battlesuit grants players a full set of wicked-looking, shiny armor complete with Batman logo and a pair of metallic bat wings. The Joker's Punchline set is a screaming fashion violation (in true Joker style), boasts a bomb set to blow, and has an enormous spider back piece with a clown's face on it -- perfectly providing a plethora of phobias in one portable package.

The video is featured on the DC Universe Online facebook page, so head on over and check it out!

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