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EA producer talks Fight Night Legacy Mode, full roster revealed


How could not want to hear all about Fight Night Champion from a man named "Jazz?" Okay, okay -- he's also an assistant producer on the title and he goes into detail about the game's much improved Legacy Mode. That might be more important ... we guess.

In other Fight Night Champion news, the game's entire roster has been revealed by EA. And yes, before you start asking, Marvelous Marvin Hagler is totally in there. We've dropped the entire list after the break, aka "the only place you'll find Joe Frazier hanging out next to George Foreman."

  • Ali, Muhammad
  • Arreola, Cristobal
  • Augustus, Emanuel
  • Bradley, Tim
  • Butterbean
  • Calzaghe, Joe
  • César Chávez, Julio
  • Chambers, Eddie
  • Corrales, Diego
  • Cotto, Miguel
  • Dawson, Chad
  • De La Hoya, Oscar
  • Dib, Billy
  • Donaire, Nonito
  • Duran, Robert
  • Foreman, George
  • Frazier, Joe
  • Gamboa, Yuriorkis
  • Guerreo, Robert
  • Hagler, Marvelous Marvin
  • Hatton, Ricky
  • Haye, David
  • Hearns, Thomas
  • Holt, Kendall
  • Holyfield, Evander
  • Hopkins, Bernard
  • Jacobs, Danny
  • Judah, Zab
  • Jones Jr., Roy
  • Kelley, Kevin
  • Klistchko, Vitali
  • Klistchko, Wladimir
  • Liston, Sonny
  • LaMotta, Jake
  • Lara, Erislandy
  • Leija, Jesse James
  • Leonard, Sugar Ray
  • Lewis, Lennox
  • Manfredo Jr., Peter
  • Monzon, Carlos
  • Mora, Sergio
  • Morrison, Tommy
  • Mosley, Shane
  • Mundine, Anthony
  • Ortiz, Victor
  • Pacquiao, Manny
  • Pavlik, Kelly
  • Paz, Vinny
  • Robinson, Sugar Ray
  • Taylor, Jermain
  • Tyson, Mike
  • Vargas, Fernando
  • Whitaker, Pernell
  • Wright, Ronald "Winky"

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