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EVE Online developers discuss the depths of character design


"So our key theme for the new character creator is that the player was to feel that he personally, single-handedly, through his decisions and skill created a hyper-realistic human representation of his character in-game," Torfi Frans Ólafsson, creative director of EVE Online, explained to Gamasutra in a developer diary describing the intent of the new character creator in the Incursion expansion. EVE Online is breaking new ground by giving players the ability to create "hyper-realistic and yet slightly exaggerated and cinematic" characters, as Art Director Ásgeir Jon Ásgeirsson says.

As fans of the industry, we are excited by the insight into what exactly goes on behind the scenes of our favorite games. This developer diary gave the artists of CCP a chance to let us know what they thought of the process and the outcome of the latest innovation to EVE. Art Manager Benjamin Bohn says they were looking for an "all-or-nothing quality level" and, it "was obvious that this was going to involve sweat and blood." However, the end results would leave both the players and CCP employees in awe.

To get more insight into the vision and actual work involved in rebuilding the character creation system from the ground up, be sure to catch the whole developer diary. And for those already playing, the next part of Incursion hits December 14th!

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