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Phat Loot Phriday: Glovaal's Choppink Svord


"It is not a sword," Throgg insisted. "Not a sword. It's is a svord. Like, the svame vay you are svelte."

"Throgg, please," Lolegolas insisted. "That makes no sense. It's a sword. That draenei has an accent, that's all."

"No!" the orc countered. "It is for the choppink of things. You use the svord for choppink and attackink."

Lolegolas sighed and flopped back down on his cushion. "Fine. Glovaal's Choppink Svord is not a sword. It is an entirely different critter. A whole new kind of weapon."

"Thank you svery much," Throgg replied.

"Just," Lolegolas asked, "could you please stop mimicking the accent?"

"Svy?" Throgg replied.

Glovaal's Choppink Svord

  • Type Two-Handed Sword
  • Damage 738 - 1108 (279.6 damage per second)
  • Speed 3.30
  • Strength 152
  • Stamina 228
  • Item level 272
  • Increases your critical strike rating by 116 (2.53% @ L80)
  • Increases your haste rating by 77 (2.35% @ L80)

How to get it The svord is a reward for doing Humphrey Digsong One Last Favor.
How to get rid of it The choppink svord sells for 20 gold, 51 svilver, and 25 copper.

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