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TUAW's Daily App: inClass


With all of the great games that have come out this week, you probably have enough to play already, so let's spotlight an app that can actually help you get some work done. inClass is just such an app. Now's probably not the best time to talk about it, as we spin down towards finals and holiday break in school. However, if you make a note of this one, maybe install it on that new iPad you get over the holidays, then bring it back to class with you in January, it might help your grades jump up a bit. inClass is a free app that lets you deal with all kinds of schoolwork, from taking notes in class and sharing files around to tracking class schedules and test taking.

inClass was just updated to add some features for high resolution photos and notifications, and the authors of the app are listening closely to feedback and adjusting it as needed. inClass is free with ads for both iPhone and iPad, and getting rid of the ads costs just US$2.99. Again, taking and tracking notes is probably the last thing you want to think about right now as most students head into finals, but don't forget, even as all of these games come out, just how useful an iOS device can be in the classroom, too.

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