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Luxury iPhone 4s, iPads a great idea for well-heeled givers


Looking for a Christmas gift that is so unique that only a handful of people on the planet will find it beneath the Christmas tree? If you happen to have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, then you might want to contact luxury electronics designer Stuart Hughes.

Liverpool, UK-based designer Hughes recently created a £5,000,000 ($7.9 million) rose gold and diamond encrusted iPhone 4, but he has a bargain available for holiday gifting. For a mere £39,995 ($63,200), you can pick up one of ten iPhone 4s that have had the everyday glass back replaced with materials from a 65 million-year-old T-Rex tooth and a meteoric stone. This lovely iPhone has a bezel made of 8.5 carat diamonds, and the Apple logo is made of platinum and diamonds.

If you miss out on picking up one of these iPhones for whomever you're trying to impress, you can always pick up one of the luxury iPads that Hughes has designed. The Supreme Fire iPad (£109,995, $173,814) is made from a 64GB 3G iPad draped in 2.5 kg of 24 carat gold. If that seems like it would be a cheap gift for your loved one, you can always upgrade to the £299,995 ($474,053) Solid Platinum iPad Supreme Edition. The casing is made of 2.7 kg of pure platinum, encrusted with 173 diamonds weighing in at 85.5 carats.

For many of us, these products are slightly out of reach, but we have video on the next page featuring Mr. Hughes and some of his earlier designs for you to drool over.

[via Computerworld UK]

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