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Microsoft: 15-app push notification limit isn't that big of a deal, could be increased in the future

Chris Ziegler

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So Microsoft sounded off this week on the row over the 15-app push notification limit that just recently came to light, and while they've confirmed that the limit is very real, they've done a good job busting some of the FUD, explaining why it's not a huge deal, and how the limit might change in the future. First off, apps that support push but don't have it enabled don't count toward the limit, so that means that you won't necessarily end up with crashy software as long it's all coded correctly to handle errors raised by the operating system. Secondly, built-in live tiles -- Outlook, People, and so on -- don't count toward the limit, so if you include those, you could actually end up with over 20 total live tiles (sounds excessive to us, but we're sure someone's going to want to push the envelope). And finally, Microsoft notes that they imposed the limit to best balance battery life, bandwidth consumption, and server load but that they had to effectively take a stab at the dark at how notifications would be used in practice; as they learn more and collect data, the limit could be raised. All in all, sounds like this limit is going to affect a tiny sliver of users -- and it'll affect even fewer as long as apps are coded properly.

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