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Exclusive: Funcom details Age of Conan's 2.1 social events

Jef Reahard

Age of Conan's 2.1 update is on the way, and today we've partnered with Funcom to bring you an exclusive look at the patch's new dynamic social events. While 2.1 is also bringing a new queue system for PvP minigames as well as a new 12-player minigame map (The Call of Jhebbal Sag), the devs seem to be expanding AoC's gameplay beyond the combat-centric confines of most themepark MMOs.

While we've touched on the social additions in our weekly AoC-focused column, today's piece from Funcom itself paints a definitive picture of how the new content works. Join us after the cut for Funcom's look at the guild event and horse racing mechanics as well as some exclusive screenshots.

New dynamic social events

The 2.1 update introduces two brand-new social content additions: guild events and horse racing. These new activities will provide whole guilds as well as individual players with fun activities that are exciting diversions from the daily bloodshed.

Guild events

The guild events are new social minigames held in guild city taverns (outdoor) or in the guild city cultural retreats (indoor). There are four event types introduced in the update:
  • Treasure Hunt (outdoor only) -- Pick up randomly scattered treasures across the zone for the highest point total.
  • Ymir's Hunt (indoor only) -- Freezetag! Run away from the Ymirish or you'll be frozen. Survive or unfreeze others for points.
  • Storytelling (indoor or outdoor) -- Take turns telling a story and vote for the finest storyteller over multiple elimination rounds.
  • Insult Contest (indoor or outdoor) -- Skilfully insult a given target using the theme provided and vote for whoever you feel is the best at slinging the proverbial mud to give him or her points.
Age of Conan horse trackAny guild member can sponsor these events at any time by talking with his or her guild's new Arbiter of Honor NPC. The sponsorship money becomes the prize pool that is awarded to the game winner(s).

Horse racing

Horse racing is a new feature for groups in Old Tarantia. Any group may pay Marcellus, the racetrack owner, to use his course for whatever race it likes. It is up to the group to decide what kind of steeds (if any) to use for the race. Fancy a race to determine whose mount truly is the fastest? Only allowing horses or any kind of mount like Mammoths, Rhinos, Wolves or Tigers? A race over one lap or two or more? The choice is completely up to the group as it decides what rules apply for its own race.

There are also options to have obstacles such as barrels, sticky mud, and horse-spooking adders on the race track that need to be avoided. A nearby vendor NPC even sells carrots and sugar to get the most out of your mount and keep it up to speed during the race.

Who knows? Will there be a race track champion of each server soon who just can't be beat? Monthly races with prize money or fame and glory? This is completely up to the community on each server. The possibilities are now there!

And there is more...

Besides the two major social content additions mentioned above, there are even more new social features introduced with update 2.1 that will keep players busy:
  • Renowned players can learn the dances of other races by seeking out quests across the world.
  • Old Tarantia now hosts a VIP Area on the rooftops, complete with drinks, dancing, and fireworks, accessible only by members of the top-ranked renown guild of the week and their guests.
  • In addition, an assortment of over 30 new city decorations is also available in Khitai from a few different sources to give guilds even more ways to decorate their cities and make them look truly unique and after the guilds' own tastes.

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