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Infinity Blade makes $1.7 million in four days

Justin McElroy

Level whatever criticisms you like at the App Store, you have to admit it's pretty darn good about rewarding quality. As of this morning, Chair/Epic's iOS $6 slasher Infinity Blade can tout over 286,000 users, good for $1.7 million in four days, making it the "fastest grossing app ever," according to Appmodo. That doesn't take into account whatever promo codes were distributed, but since the old record held by Cut the Rope was $1 million in 10 days, we think Infinity Blade is pretty safe in asserting its supremacy.

We knew it was good, great even, but even we're a little surprised by how quickly it's being adopted on the App Store. We Level 40 Infinity Blade wielders on staff (OK, it's just Justin) have their fingers crossed that the popularity prompts Chair to push out some new content sooner rather than later.

Update: Epic's Mark Rein notes that "the Game Center numbers being reported are quite a bit lower than the actual sales." So more than $1.7 million, then. Read the full statement Rein gave us after the break.

"I tweeted because I thought it would be obvious that Game Center numbers are a subset of our overall sales and not the actual number but several of the reports I saw seemed to be confused about that. Also Infinity Blade doesn't require Game Center, you can choose cancel and still play the game. However I recommend signing up for Game Center. Apple has done a great job with it and you can compare your progress and achievements with your friends.

In the meantime we're really excited about the reaction to Infinity Blade and we really appreciate all the customers who are buying the game and gifting the game to others as well! We have some great new FREE extra content coming really soon. You should see more on that in the next week."

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