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Latest Boxee Box update lets locally stored content shine, adds 3D compatible UI and more


Just a couple of weeks after its Thanksgiving Day refresh, the Boxee Box is getting another update that should hopefully appease users who prefer to stream their own content as opposed to media from internet sources. As seen above, one of the new additions is an option during the initial setup or in the options menu to indicate which source one prefers more. There's also genre filtering and an alphabetical scrollbar for local files as well as the option to hourly scan SMB/UPnP/USB sources, and a settings toggle to make the onscreen display and any subtitles compatible with side-by-side or top/bottom compressed 3D content. Check the blog post for all the details and a long list of bug fixes, according to CEO Avner Ronen we can expect another one before the year is out that will bring improvements to the browsers and new content/apps.

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