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VoodooPad now available for your iPhone and iPad


VoodooPad gets its share of TUAW screen space, and it's one of the few apps that's always open on my desktop. As one of the original "personal" wikis, VoodooPad has a simple aesthetic and a great feature set for organizing and linking your important information, notes and everything from bookmarks to movies. It's a great desktop information manager, and as of last week, a great iPhone app, too.

VoodooPad for iOS is simple, but it makes a great little wiki for iPhone and iPad. It probably has significantly more appeal to users of the desktop version than to people who just want a wiki on their iPad. It lacks some of the features that made me fall in love with apps like Trunk Notes, but the fact that it syncs with my desktop notes via WebDAV or MobileMe is spectacular.

In my testing, the sync feature over WebDAV performed flawlessly. I could see changes made on iPad or desktop on the other device immediately, and I didn't run into any unresolvable conflicts if one was left open while working in the other. It even syncs over embedded media. Like the desktop version, though, it only edits the text of pages.

Tags and other metadata can't be edited or viewed on iOS, but all of the info appears to stay intact. The same can't be said for Rich Text formatting, which is lost if you edit the page on an iOS device. iOS doesn't offer many options for the kind of customization I do in VoodooPad on my Mac, but as long as I'm using VoodooPad for iOS as a companion app for the desktop version, it's going to work out nicely. VoodooPad for iOS is available on the App Store for US$9.99. If you're a VoodooPad user (or looking for a new iPhone/iPad wiki), it's worth a look.

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