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What financial trouble? Modu T goes on sale in UK

Chris Ziegler

Modu might be on life support, but that doesn't mean that its latest effort -- the touch-enabled Modu T -- isn't seeing the light of day. British retailer PurelyGadgets (which also launched the original Modu earlier this year) has just announced that it has the new model in stock, charging £149.99 (about $238) for a 2.2-inch resistive QVGA touchscreen, tiny 500mAh battery, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, and microSD expansion to 32GB all running on Qualcomm Brew underpinnings. Pricey for what you're getting? Perhaps, but keep in mind this is the phone that Guinness has certified as the lightest touch-capable phone in the world, which is certainly a conversation point when you pull it out among friends. Looks like there are only 16 in stock at the moment -- and it's anyone's guess how long this supply chain is going to hold up -- so if you want one, we'd probably suggest you act fast.

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