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Age of Conan 2.1 brings new minigame, Guardian revamp, winter event

Jef Reahard

Today is patch day in the world of Hyboria, and Funcom has quite a few changes in store for Age of Conan. Version 2.1 is currently on the live servers and it brings new social content, a new PvP minigame, and a Guardian class revamp. Still want more? OK, how does a winter solstice quest grab you?

In addition to the items above, 2.1 also boasts a laundry list of tweaks and additions, among them adjustments to PvP minigame balancing, 18 new Gateway of Khitai quests, guild renown adjustments, and various and sundry bug fixes. While the jury is still out on the minigame balancing, the new game (The Call of Jhebbal Sag) transports players to the Pictish wilderness for a lengthy battle featuring capture objectives and resource stockpiles on a large-scale map.

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