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Five men rob Apple Store in Greenwich, CT

David Quilty

Apple Store burglars have struck again, this time in Greenwich, Connecticut. Police say that at least five suspects, seen in the surveillance photo to the right, broke through the front door and helped themselves to a whole bunch of Apple products valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. The store obviously had security cameras in place to record the break-in when it happened, but I wonder if any employees also got to watch the robbery in real-time, like this guy who watched on his iPhone as thieves robbed his house.

So if you happen to live near Greenwich and receive an Apple product as a holiday present without a gift receipt, you may want to inquire as to where the generous gift-giver was on the morning of December 14. Most of these Apple Store robberies actually turn out well for the stores, since the police usually do a nice job finding the crooks. We'll have to see if the cops in Greenwich are able to catch the parties responsible here and recover any of the stolen merchandise.

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