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En Masse unveils third TERA race and class series entry

Jef Reahard

It's been a while since we've been treated to an update of En Masse Entertainment's TERA Race and Class series. Happily, today marks the third installment, and it's all about Humans, Mystics, and Sorcerers. If you're in the mood for early Christmas presents, we've got them in the form of a new TERA screenshot gallery, a gameplay video of Sorcerers blowing stuff up, and a few blurbs about races, classes, and quests.

TERA is currently gearing up for its Korean open beta, with a European and North American launch expected in 2011. Join us for all the juicy details after the cut.

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Quests in TERA: You're the star of the story

Most gamers understand that quests drive gameplay, but in TERA they drive the story as well. TERA has more than a thousand quests, and together they put the player in the driver's seat, acting to change the future of the entire world. TERA's quests might bring a grin to your cheeks or a tear to your eye, but they'll definitely make you the center of the story-whether you're a new player learning the ropes or a cagey veteran standing among the game's most powerful characters, facing enemies of godlike power.

Featured race: Human

"I've got family from there. Actually, I've got family from everywhere." - a human explains his cosmopolitan outlook.

Everyone thinks they know humans. Nothing like real-world experience, right? TERA's humans might feel familiar, but the world of TERA has profoundly shaped human culture and outlook. Cursed by an angry god, TERA's humans spent a hundred generations wandering from continent to continent, unable to settle in one place for long. Throughout human history, they've been nomads, refugees, and slaves.

The lessons humans learned during those hard centuries paid off when the world faced a threat unlike any other: the metallic, all-consuming argons. Human flexibility, perseverance, and pragmatism made them the perfect choice to found the Valkyon Federation, unite the other races, and fight back against the argon menace.

Featured classes: Mystic and Sorcerer

Mystics have an instinctive understanding of the ancient magic that formed the world of TERA, and they tap into this power to summon thralls to fight on their behalf, invoke curses against their enemies, and heal or resurrect fallen friends. For a sorcerer, healing is what the bad guys have to do-after they've been blasted with Magma Bomb, slowed to a crawl with Time Gyre, or nigh-obliterated with Void Pulse. A sorcerer channels magic through a floating disc that acts like a lens, and woe betide anyone caught in its focus.

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