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Final Fantasy XIV's update dated and expanded

Eliot Lefebvre

The first of two major updates for Final Fantasy XIV in the month of December will be going live tomorrow, according to the official word from Square-Enix. That's good news for the game's players, who have been looking forward to the previewed notorious monsters ever since the first of several teasers was made public. But that's not the only thing that players can expect, with the promise of another update later in the month bringing even further improvements to the game's mechanics and the market system.

Among the more significant features that have not been previewed in detail are the addition of more guildleves and recipes for crafting, as well as another free retainer slot that will serve to boost inventory and marketing capacities significantly. The update is also scheduled to contain more UI improvements, including an increase on the maximum allowed input in the chat box (which is currently rather myopic). Further details on the second December update are promised for a later date, but this update alone should be a fine tiding for Final Fantasy XIV players the world over.

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