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Flipboard rumored to launch web app


One of the more awe-inspiring iPad apps of 2010 was Flipboard. The free app is a beautiful way to read RSS feeds, see and respond to updates from friends on Twitter and Facebook and more, displayed in a format that looks more like a well-designed magazine than a reader app. It's so good that Apple named it the iPad App of the Year.

Now The Next Web is reporting that Flipboard may be coming to a much larger audience as a web app. The company has reportedly posted a job opening for a "Designer - Web Developer" for the purpose of designing a way to read content online. This move makes sense for Flipboard, particularly if they plan on offering the app in Google Chrome's Web Store.

A web app that is readable from a variety of devices would give Flipboard an advantage in development, since all upgrades and changes could be made to one code base instead of requiring rewrites for many platforms. There's no word on when the web app may launch, although it's a sure bet that it will be sometime in 2011.

[via MacStories]

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