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SimCity Deluxe for iPad, Risk for iPad out today from EA

David Quilty

First mentioned back in October, Electronic Arts has finally released SimCity Deluxe for iPad, and oh my, how far we have come from the original SimCity game, which came out in 1989. Available for the first time on the iPad, SimCity Deluxe allows players to act as Mayor and City Planner to build and control their very own cityscape. Using multi-touch controls optimized for the iPad, players can build, destroy, rebuild and manage cities inspired by famous locations around the globe.

Having played SimCity Deluxe for iPhone, I can imagine that the iPad version would be a more immersive experience with the much bigger screen. Available on the App Store now for US$6.99, SimCity Deluxe for iPad certainly makes me wish I had an iPad to take with me on my long trip coming up later this week.

Also out today from EA, and available on the App Store, is RISK for iPad ($6.99), the popular game of strategic conquest and world domination. With the ability for up to six players to play simultaneously and head-to-head against others via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, RISK fans with an iPad may want to check it out. You've probably already got plenty to play this holiday season, but in case you don't, there are two more good titles to try.

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