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Spread some holiday smiles in Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre

Any game with holiday events could do far worse than taking inspiration from Final Fantasy XI. With each event having eight years of refinement, there's always plenty to do for adventurers in Vana'diel, and the latest round of the Starlight Celebration is no exception. But there's a brand-new wrinkle, since the keepers of all holiday events in the game (the Moogles) have continued their high level of service (they've screwed up again) and provided adventurers with a delightful new game (that involves racing goblins on chocobos).

In keeping with tradition, this year also includes a bit of fiction to go along with the event, and the rewards and frills from previous celebrations will be available as well. Players can take a look at the guide from last year for an idea of what to expect, but even with that knowledge, this year's new card-hunting game promises to be unique. Final Fantasy XI has seen its last major patch this year, but there's still going to be plenty to do for the holiday season.

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