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Breakfast Topic: All I want for Winter Veil ...


Happy non-denominational holidays, everyone! Greatfather Winter is flying across the skies of Azeroth (after paying his 250 gold fee), bringing presents to all the good little blood elves and worgen of the world. The holiday reaches its crescendo on Dec. 25, but the 19-day-long Winter Veil holiday technically starts today (and ends Jan. 2).

So, aside from the traditional visits to Greatfather Winter (or Great-father Winter, if you visit that mall on the other side of town), what are your plans for the holiday? Are you going to PvP your way to achievement glory in Tol Barad? Are you going to spend the next couple of days wondering who the hell these Ogri'la people are, followed by another could of days lamenting about having to grind reputation with them? Or are you just totally devoid of Christmas Winter Veil spirit?

If you're going to be spending the next couple weeks working on your Merrymaker achievement, be sure to check out Allison Robert's OverAchiever guide to the Winter Veil holiday.

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