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Infinity Blade update coming next week


At the end of my review of Infinity Blade from Epic Games, I said that I liked the game, but I wished there was more of it. It looks like I'm getting my wish much earlier than I'd anticipated, because new content for Infinity Blade is coming next week. Chair Entertainment, the subsidiary of Epic Games who developed Infinity Blade, told Joystiq that development of additional content began immediately after the main game was finished, and these "booster packs" of content will all be offered for free.

Next week's content will include five new weapons, five new shields, five new helmets and a new set of armor, raising the maximum possible level to 45 (welcome news for nerds players like me who have already mastered all of Infinity Blade's existing items). A new enemy, the Marrow Fiend (pictured above) will also appear in next week's update. Another "booster pack" for the game is due in January; more substantial updates are also forthcoming, including new areas, additions to the storyline and new enemies that, according to Chair, make the game's current fiends seem like weaklings by comparison.

It's very nice to see that Infinity Blade's creators aren't resting on their (US$1.6 million in five days) laurels and are committed to delivering additional content to make the game even better than it already is. The bar has definitely been raised for gaming on iOS, and as a heavily entrenched iOS gamer myself, I couldn't be happier.

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