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Tales of Monkey Island - Episode 1 drops anchor on iPad


The first segment of Teltale's five-part return trip to Monkey Island is now available on the iPad. Tales of Monkey Island - Episode One: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal sees the lovably inept Guybrush Threepwood washing up on Flotsam Island, home to a unicorn-loving glass blower and a doctor with ... somewhat questionable medical intentions. You'll find it on the iTunes store for $6.99, before the rest of the episodes are added next year.

According to Telltale, the controls and character movement in the iPad iTeration are similar to those found in the PC games. Selected inventory items will let you know where they can be used, and a two-finger prod will show all selectable items on screen. You'll want to put all of them in your pocket, basically.

(Note: We apologize if the above headline inflicted mortifying mental imagery on proud and paranoid iPad owners. Invest in a protective case, and never leave your expensive gadget unattended near a dock.)

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