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VGA ratings fall for fourth year, but rise among younger and male viewers


The Spike VGAs may have put on a brave front this year, but the ratings have once again shown a decline, reports Variety. 627,000 people tuned in on Saturday night, a three percent drop from last year -- about 20,000 viewers. To help put that figure into context, the show's debut in 2007 enjoyed a much more substantial 921,000 viewers.

It wasn't all a total downer, though (unless you actually watched the show, we guess). The VGAs actually saw a rise in viewers within key demographics. The Neil Patrick Harris-hosted show received a 12 percent boost in adult viewers aged 18 to 49, from 370,000 last year to 450,000, while 18- to 34-year-old viewers increased in number by five percent, from 278,000 viewers last year to 292,000 this year. Men aged 18 to 34 showed the most significant rise -- 15 percent over last year, from 281,000 viewers to 251,000.

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