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Xmarks finds new owner, isn't going anywhere


Look at that -- while I was sad to hear that my favorite bookmark syncing service Xmarks would be calling it quits after trying and failing to find a profitable business model, its users stepped in to support the service, and at the beginning of this month, Xmarks announced that it would be acquired by password manager LastPass without any interruption in service. That's great news; the basic syncing service will stay free, and there will now be two premium services available with the company. Premium membership in LastPass will get all of the password manager's features, and premium Xmarks service will enable priority support, syncing with mobile apps and more. Both services are available for US$12 each yearly, or $20 a year for the whole shebang.

It sounds like this is a great deal for both companies, and together, the two services should be able to offer up some excellent features to customers both old and new. I'm just glad my current Xmarks service isn't dying; the browser add-ons let me share passwords and bookmarks across all of my Mac and PC browsers quickly and easily. Great to see that one of the most valuable sharing services I use has found a new lease on life.

Thanks, Chris!

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