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Black Ops PS3 network connectivity hotfix released, 'more coming'


Whatever you do: "Please do not delete your save data," pleaded Treyarch community manager Josh Olin on the Black Ops Forums late last night, "as it will not have an effect on network connectivity." Olin (a.k.a. JD_2020) was posting to discredit a rumor that doing so would fix network connectivity issues that have plagued the PS3 version of Black Ops since Tuesday's patch.

Olin confirmed that a hotfix was released at approximately 12:30AM ET Wednesday and claimed it's "the reason many users have experienced improved connectivity" (and not the deletion of save data). While this fix hasn't solved the issues entirely, Treyarch is "working hard to track down the cause" and will continue to release more hotfixes, according to Olin, "so stay tuned."

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