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Fable 3 DLC starts raining hats and dogs

So, you're unhappy with the current breed of your Fable 3 murderhound? That's totally understandable -- the three options currently made available to settlers of Albion are Border Collie, Boxer and Red Setter, none of which are considered the classic warrior breeds. Luckily, the "Dog Breed Pack" (out today for 240 Microsoft Points) makes three far more combat-ready types of pups available for adoption: German Shepherd, Doberman and Poodle.

What? Have you ever seen a poodle when it's really, really angry? Those things are vicious, man.

If you're content with your dog's current genetic makeup, perhaps you'll be interested in another piece of DLC released by Lionhead today: The "Free Yule Hat," which, true to its name, is totally free. Seems like a nice way to add a little festivity to Albion's bleaker regions -- just make sure you take it off before you decide to conduct some horrible, unspeakable act. We'd hate for you to tarnish the image of Santa, you know.

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