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Motorola 'Stadia' trademark application hints at device with gaming / fitness features


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It's not exactly a ton to go on, but a trademark application recently filed by Motorola for the word "Stadia" has at least opened up a few interesting possibilities. While the (as yet nonexistent) device in question is seemingly phone-related given the goods and services Motorola is hoping to have covered, the application also specifically mentions a "game device in the nature of handheld units for playing electronic games for use with external display screen or monitor," along with a number of fitness-related functions like heart rate, speed, and calorie monitoring. That latter bit is further backed up by a separate "Stadia" trademark application filed by Motorola back in November, which specifically covered "fitness monitoring devices." What does it all mean? If we had to guess we'd say it's some sort of fitness accessory designed for use with a phone (possibly with some game-like features). Unfortunately, guessing is about all we can do at the moment.

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