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New version of Flipboard adds Google Reader, Facebook Groups and more


Popular magazine-style reading app Flipboard has announced major changes to its iPad application, bringing with it support for Flickr, Facebook Groups and Google Reader. The new version also includes improved Twitter and social networking integration. Named iPad App of the Year, Flipboard has gone above and beyond with this update. It's no surprise why Sports Illustrated partnered with the company to deliver Swimsuit edition content to Flipboard users.

The latest version of Flipboard lets you read and sync to your Google Reader account. All RSS feeds are displayed in magazine-style layout with the ability to jump to your starred items, shared items, folders and individual subscriptions. Flickr integration is also an excellent addition to Flipboard. The iPad's large display lends itself to images, and the new Flickr feature lets you view your favorite photos, your photostream, your contacts' photos and interesting photos of the day.

Flipboard originally launched with support for Twitter and Facebook, and the app continues to build on its social networking roots. Flipboard lets you view your Facebook Groups, Friend list, and Fan pages within the app's gorgeous UI. Photos from your Facebook feed also look fantastic.

Twitter integration has been expanded to support favorite tweets, mentions, and both public and private lists. You can also now use Flipboard to post a status update, share a photo, or even a Flipboard page across multiple social networks. If you use any of the above web services or social networks and have not installed Flipboard, you should do it now. The Flipboard app is available for free from the App Store and is well worth checking out. You will be hard-pressed not to fall in love with it.

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