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Two 'Hot Shots Shorties' PSP collections rated by ESRB


The ESRB has revealed ratings and content information for two "Hot Shots Shorties" minigame collections for PSP. Hot Shots Shorties Green includes a boxing game, a minigame about a "a sword-wielding salt shaker that jumps around a kitchen counter to slice up rogue vegetables," and a third unidentified game. Hot Shots Shorties Blue contains a game about kicking a soccer ball to break objects, and two others.

These games (and six others) were originally released in Japan as part of the retail game Minna no Sukkiri ("Hot Shots Refresh"). In our TGS 2009 preview we said, "If the individual minigames were offered as PSP minis, they would almost certainly go ignored." Good thing Sony has decided to bundle them into groups of three instead!

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