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XBL Indie Games Winter Uprising falls a little short

Justin McElroy

Though they may have had the noblest of intentions, organizers for the Indie Games Winter Uprising are admitting things didn't go precisely as planned. The idea had been to launch 14 games on Xbox Live Indie Games in the first week of December as a way of separating the wheat from the massage game chaff on the service. At the moment though, only eight of those games have made it out the door.

"The way Xbox Live Indie Games are set up, it's difficult to release on a specific day," organizer Robert Boyd told Edge. "You can't get your game approved and have it come out later at a day of your choosing – once a game is approved it goes up automatically within 48 hours. Likewise, if you submit a game for approval and then find that you have to pull it for whatever reason, however small, you have to wait a minimum of 7 days before resubmitting."

It's not all doom and gloom though, with first Uprising release Epic Dungeon moving over 6,000 units. The Uprising's still a great project, and we'd love to see the devs try again soon ... maybe even with a little help from Microsoft this time?

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