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BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.0 for Mac OS brings WiFi music sync, broader iPhoto / iTunes support

Darren Murph

About time, eh? Wintel users have been enjoying the spoils of WiFi music sync on their BlackBerry handsets for the past few months now, but if you're still stickin' with RIM (through the thick and thin), and you just so happen to roll primarily on OS X, there's a new piece of software that you should consider. BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.0 for Mac OS has just been let loose, and it's a pretty substantial update. Aside from supporting WiFi music sync in official fashion, there's also a new device switch wizard and the ability to import and sync photos and videos with iPhoto and iTunes. She's waiting for you there in the source link -- all 39.713 megabytes. You know what to do.

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