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Blizzard confirms 'Titan' as 'next-gen MMO'


In an interview with Destructoid, World of Warcraft producer Frank Pearce finally confirmed "Titan" as at least a codename for Blizzard's new MMO project. "The media is not supposed to know anything about [Titan]," Pearce said with a smile. "It's our next-gen MMO, and we've only started talking about it in a limited fashion because we wanna leverage the fact that we're working on something like that for the purpose of recruiting, getting some of the best talent in the industry on that project." Does "we made WoW" not work well enough for recruiting developers?

The name "Titan" most recently appeared on an alleged Blizzard release schedule that had supposedly leaked, but Blizzard has declined to verify its authenticity. These documents also contained details about two additional WoW expansions, as well as expansions for Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2.

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