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Bulletstorm 'Epic Edition' includes Gears of War 3 beta early access


Not sure how you feel about the we-hope-it's-satire taste level in Epic's Bulletstorm? Allow us to help you make peace with the shooter: Buying the newly-announced "Epic Edition" for Xbox 360 will grant you early access to a Gears of War 3 beta. Yum yum beta juice. The beta is scheduled to begin sometime this year. Bulletstorm is still on for February 22.

The limited-run, 360-exclusive Epic Edition will retail for the same $60 price as the standard edition and includes in-game extras in addition to that all-important beta access -- like 25,000 bonus experience points, "visual upgrades" for your leash, new boots and armor, and the "Peace Maker Carbine."

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