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"Daily" iPad newspaper to launch January 17


Rupert Murdoch's iPad-exclusive publication, The Daily, is rumored to arrive on January 17. All Things Digital's Peter Kafka quotes "multiple sources," saying "News Corp plans to launch the publication by the week of January 17."

The Daily is the much-rumored, iPad-only publication from News Corp. Murdoch has supposedly worked closely with Apple and Steve Jobs himself during the app's development. It was rumored that the app would be revealed at a December press event that was to feature Jobs, Murdoch and an overview of the alleged "newsstand" feature that many believe will introduce in-app subscriptions to the App Store.

Kafka notes that The Daily will supposedly sell for US$0.99 per week, and that the extensive staff Murdoch has assembled will produce lots of video and other gee-whiz tech goodies for Daily readers to enjoy.

That rumor of a December release turned out to be a dud, so don't get yourself all excited just yet. We'll know soon enough.

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