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Debut Bit.Trip Flux screens give us deja vu


You'll forgive us if we make an obvious observation here, but these first screenshots of Bit.Trip Flux look very ... familiar. Perhaps it's because of our recent proclivity to play Bit.Trip Beat on the iPhone every chance we get, but the images -- unlocked by Extra Lives after completing "Day 17" in the Flash-based indie game Mission in Snowdriftland -- look similar to the very first game in Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip series.

One item of note: The Flux images appear to show a reverse version of Beat's right-to-left gameplay. We're not sure what other difficult twists Gaijin has in store for this sixth and final Bit.Trip, but we could use some reassuring right about now.

Gallery: Bit.Trip Flux (first screens) | 7 Photos

[Thanks Anthony!]

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